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Ronnie Coffman

Limestone County has been my family’s home since Alabama became a state.

It has been a great blessing to live and raise a family in this county where there are so many caring people.

Limestone County has grown from about 36,000 people when I was born to approximately 83,000 today. I have seen Limestone County change from a mostly farming community to a community where there are many high-tech jobs in our area. We must be on the cutting edge of technology if we are to compete in this ever-changing world in which we live.

I believe in persistence just as Abraham Lincoln did. Abraham Lincoln was born into poverty, lost eight elections, failed in business twice and suffered a nervous breakdown. Many times in life you will try and fail and you will try and succeed, but if you never try, you can be sure you will never succeed.

We have many great candidates running for public office in this election; people I admire because they want to make a difference in our county, state and country. This is why I am running for Limestone County license commissioner. I believe that I can make a difference in that office.

The vision that I have for the office is to cut your wait for purchasing the licenses and plates you need by extending weekday hours, adding Saturday hours and opening a satellite office in the East Limestone area.

To accomplish these goals, you must have someone that can work with the Limestone County Commission. We have had a population increase of approximately 17,000 people in the last 10 years. This is a great increase in revenue and we should make it as convenient as possible for you, when you go to purchase a tag or license.

When I am elected, you the taxpayer will be my number one concern.


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