Four Athens teens who went on a spree of violence and robberies Friday night were connected to the crime by boxes of wings from Domino’s Pizza.

The teens are accused of accosting three people in separate incidents and taking their money, said Athens Police Capt. Marty Bruce. The group attacked a man and a Domino’s Pizza delivery woman, sending both to the hospital for treatment. A third man was unharmed.

The teens were arrested after investigators noticed empty Domino’s wings boxes — which were included in the order the attacked woman had been trying to deliver — near the picnic tables the teens occupied at Lincoln-Bridgeforth Park, Bruce said.

Arrested were Letajea Coffman, 18, of 515 S. Hine St.; a 16-year-old female and two 17-year-old males. Each were charged with one count of first-degree robbery and two counts of second-degree robbery. The names of juveniles who are not 18 are typically shielded, but Bruce said if the teens are later charged as adults their names would be released to the press.

The first-degree charge, a felony, stemmed from the fact that the teens pretended to have a weapon during one of the attacks. Apparently, they did not have a real weapon, Bruce said.

None of the victims’ names were available Saturday.

Bruce said boredom led to the teens’ violent spree.

The group began the attacks at about 10 p.m., hitting a man in the head as he was walking to his car on Elm Street and taking his money. The man was treated at Athens-Limestone Hospital and released.

Bruce said the man did not know what he was attacked with; the teens may have used their fists.

A second man was robbed near his home on Jefferson Street, but he was not physically attacked, Bruce said.

“The third was a Domino’s Pizza delivery woman on Pryor Street,” he said. “They rode by and saw her making a delivery at Pryor and Sanders streets. The two males got out and beat her up and robbed her.”

The woman, whom Bruce said was hit with fists and kicked, was also treated at Athens-Limestone Hospital and released.

“After the robberies, Officer Daniel McNatt was on patrol and saw the four individuals at Lincoln-Bridgeforth Park,” Bruce said. “He pulled in and they walked toward their car and Officer McNatt started talking to them. Sgt. Jason White came up and was looking where they were sitting at the picnic table. He found Domino’s wings containers in the trash.”

White did some checking and found a connection.

“He found where the wings they had been eating were part of the order the delivery lady had,” Bruce said. “It tied them to the robberies.”

Bruce said investigators quickly determined the robberies were committed by the same people.

“It all happened pretty quick,” he said. “We’ve been able to tie them to all the robberies.”

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