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Limestone County residents whose automobile tags are due for renewal in April will receive reminders to that effect next week in the mail.

"Do not panic when you see these, as they are provided each month as a courtesy to our customers whose last names coincide with that month," said License Commissioner Joseph Cannon.

He wants residents to know the rules have changed due to the COVID-19 outbreak.

Because the License Commissioner's Office remains closed to the public, he wants residents to know they can register or renew online or by mail, or they can wait until the office reopens without fear of penalty.

"Our office, like many other offices, is adapting continuously to the logistical effects from COVID-19," Cannon said. "While the office remains closed to the public, we are working to process as much as we can via online renewals and registrations, along with mail."

Residents can visit or for more information on online services. Cannon said there is also information to help someone complete their transaction without visiting the office on the back page of the courtesy reminders that residents receive in the mail.

Office closed

Customers who wish to wait until the office reopens should know the Alabama Department of Revenue has extended the period of time that March and April transactions may be completed without assessment of late penalties, Cannon said.

Deadlines for March and April tag renewals, along with tags for any vehicle purchases made during these months, have been extended to May 15, he said.

Residents can visit to keep informed of additional extended dates and any other License Commissioner’s Office changes.

"Do not feel obligated to utilize our online or mail services, as we will be just as happy to see everyone when daily lives begin to normalize," he said. "However, please remember that the backlog of transactions — many are unable to be completed without visiting our office — are going to increase the wait time for all. Online or mail is the best way to avoid this."

Cannon added that as long as the staff is allowed to work in the office, they will be taking calls and doing their best to answer questions. In the event the office has to close entirely, Cannon said they would continue working to keep residents informed through the website and The News Courier.

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