Alexandru Stoica

Alexandru Stoica

A masked man who was captured on camera Saturday stealing cash from an Athens ATM faces multiple charges, an official said.

Alexandru Stoica, 34, of Long Island, New York, is charged with 10 counts of encoded data fraud, records show.

According to Athens Police Chief Floyd Johnson, a security person at First National Bank notified police that a man had been captured on camera using different credit and debit cards to steal cash from the ATM at the U.S. 72 branch.

Sgt. Jimmy Rodgers and Officer Michael Stainbrook arrived and detained Stoica. Officers determined Stoica was wearing a mask to hide his face, blocking the bank's camera and using "mutable" cards to get money from the ATM, the chief said.

Investigator Kelly Fussell and Sgt. Jonathan Caldwell later interviewed and charged Stoica.

He was booked at the police department and transferred to the Limestone County Jail, where bail is set at $25,000.

The investigation into the case will continue.

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