AHS Practice Field

A green grass practice field has been created behind the new Athens High School on U.S. 31. It was made of sod cut from the grass sidelines at Athens Stadium after the schools decided to switch to artificial turf for football. The new practice field will be used for physical education classes, band and soccer. See page 10A for story on artificial turf.

When Athens City Schools decided earlier this year to switch from grass to artificial turf in Athens Stadium, they had a lot of grass to get rid of.

Athens High School football coach Cody Gross, student-athletes and other coaches decided to sell sod from the playing field as a fundraiser, said ACS Superintendent Trey Holladay.

They cut the grass into squares of sod and raised $6,000 to $7,000 selling it, the superintendent said.

Some of the buyers just wanted the sod for sod, while others bought the sod as a practical piece of memorabilia. They could plant a little of Athens Stadium in their own yards, a reminder of their days on the Athens football field.

The sod from the sidelines was set aside to create a practice field behind the new Athens High campus off U.S. 31. The field will be used for physical education students during the day, band practice in the marching season and soccer practice in the spring, Holladay said.

"It's a beautiful field," he said.

AHS Band Director Stephen Porter is glad to have the practice field, though he felt the band had adequate practice space before.

"It's not much of a change, but it's still good," Porter said.

For one thing, the band students don't have to load and unload equipment now that they are in the new school. While the new high school was being built, they used the auditorium and the football field at the old middle school on Clinton Street for practices, and on Thursdays they used the parking lot at the old high school on U.S. 31.


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