Possible brush fire

Possible brush fire behind Athens Locksmith.

In 2022, Athens Fire responded to 40 brush/woodland fires. How can community members work together to prevent such fires? 

"Homeowners can help prevent brush/woodland fires on their and neighboring properties by removing dead vegetation and cleaning up dead limbs, leaves, pine needles, combustible construction materials, and keeping their lawns hydrated," Athens Fire Chief James Hand said. "Elements people should take in consideration before engaging in bonfire or trash burning are taking in account the wind speed and direction, dry conditions, and how close they are to brush, fields, or wooded areas. Try and stay at least 25' or more away from these areas."

The most common causes of brush/wildland fires are unattended burning, burning during high wind events, and "just plain carelessness," according to Hand. 

Many grassfires occur in road medians. 

"Motorists can help prevent median fires by avoiding driving or parking over dry grassy areas. The exhaust from vehicles can reach around 1000 degrees. Also, avoid throwing their cigarette butts out the windows," Hand said.

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