Lane Tutt of Huntsville knows a little about family tradition.

The cucumber relish she produces for the Athens Saturday Market is a product her mother handed down.

Known as “Relish our Relish” — a play on words — the recipe was passed through the generations from Athens native Mitzi Malone, 94.

“She still grows cucumbers and still makes relish,” Lane said of her mother, who also visits the market every Saturday.

Lane, along with her husband, Drew Tutt, are behind the Saturday Market staple Tutt & Tutt's.

The pair keep the market stocked with what's been called “classic Southern favorites,” including relish, garlic pickles, mustard-seed dressing, chess pies, sour cream cornbread and cheese chips.

The relish isn't the only family recipe the Tutts dish up. “Relish our Dressing,” a mustard-seed dressing, is a recipe Drew's grandmother, Sara Patton of Livingston, created years ago. Chess pie is another recipe created by Lane's mother.

Lane said she's always made the garlic pickles. She started selling them one year when she didn't have enough cucumbers for relish but needed to use what she had in stock.

“I decided to bring them to the market and it just stuck,” Lane said, adding she's been bringing them ever since.

Lane, who works part time at the Church of Nativity Episcopal in Huntsville, first started selling at the church's Greene Street Market nine years ago.

However, a tour of the Shoals Culinary Center in Florence is what got her started making relish.

Lane first toured the center with a group of four or five friends who wanted to learn about becoming entrepreneurs. Lane learned the ins and outs of product creation, including how to make labels and how to send her products to Auburn to be tested and labeled with nutrition facts.

After her first visit to the center, Lane didn't realize she would be back with her idea for “Relish our Relish.” But, she was.

“My husband loves it and my mother made it all the time,” Lane said.

It wasn't long before she was selling the product at farmers markets as well as at Whole Foods and Star Market in Huntsville, among other places.

“I was so excited to have a place to sell,” she said.

Lane gives a lot of credit to Marilyn Evans, who helped get the market started on Greene Street in Huntsville, and who also helped get the Athens Saturday Market underway.

Lane enjoys being back home and says she's crazy about Athens.

“People love food and like to buy different things,” Lane said. “It's been fun for me to come back and see everyone.”

This spring, Lane had the opportunity to speak about her eats at the Athens-Limestone Public Library. Those in attendance tried Tutt & Tutt's relish and were also served mustard-seed dressing with their meals. Lane credited Marlene Isom of Isom's Orchard for giving her a chance. The Isoms used the Tutts dressing at one of their Dinner in the Orchard events. The money raised from the event helped support the library.

“I'm thankful for her,” Lane said. “We've become great friends.”

The Tutts are also thankful for all their supporters.

“We've got a really good following,” Lane said. “It's been fun.”

The Tutts knew people in Athens, but now they've met so many more.

There are days Lane thinks “I must be crazy,” but she is thankful she started the business.

“I may be crazy,” she said. “It's been good for me.”

— Athens Main Street Intern Anna Marbut contributed to this article.

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