A West Limestone High School student stood over his family’s computer Thursday as his mother typed in an address for a filmstrip called “Topless Car Wash.”

“That’s it,” the teen said. “That’s the one we saw in class.”

He was referring to a clip shown in Steve White’s science class that features women who are not topless but are wearing bikinis while washing cars. The scene then changes to obese men wearing skimpy swimsuits. It can be viewed at www.ifilm.com/filmdetail/2716603, or go to the ifilm site and type “Topless Car Wash” in the search bar.

The student is referred to as Bobby because his mother asked that he not be identified because of potential repercussions at school, but the clips he says he viewed have been described by at least two other sources.

White was placed on administrative leave April 7 after allegations surfaced that he had shown obscene video clips to his eighth grade science class. White was reprimanded about a month ago by Principal Stan Davis after White showed the class an Internet clip referring to President Bush and his administration as “a-holes.”

Bobby’s mother said she may enroll him in private school because of this incident. She said even if he is not in White’s class, she is unhappy with the administration.

Bobby said the clips he described were shown after the Bush filmstrip. His descriptions are the same ones he wrote for school officials when they questioned him about what he saw in White’s class.

The clips typically came via e-mail to White’s classroom computer, he said.

Other clips the boy said he has seen in class include, in his words:

• “A girl with a beer in one hand and a cigarette in the other with her bikini top pulled down. It showed everything but it had a little star over the nipple. It said ‘Alabama fan’ at the bottom.”

• “A guy with a clear glass of beer, drinking from, like, a tube from a keg. He would drink and as he would get full, he would throw it back up and it would go back into the tube and he would drink it again.”

The class also saw clips of The Fruitcake Lady, an elderly woman character who appears on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno to dispense “naughty” advice, according to the show’s Web site.

• Bobby said in a Fruitcake Lady clip “about a month ago, in one of them, they would ask questions like, ‘My boyfriend’s cheating on me, what should I do?’” The teen said the character would then begin cursing and saying what she would do to a cheating boyfriend.

Bobby said the videos and filmstrips took precedence over schoolwork in White’s class.

“I’ve never, all this year, had a decent science class,” he said. “Even if you could pass up the videos, you weren’t learning anything.”

Bobby said he knew his mother would not approve.

“She would not want me watching this,” he said. “I didn’t really hesitate to say anything to her about it.” Bobby said he would not mind giving his name if not for his mother’s concerns.

“I’m not worried about it at all,” he said.

Bobby asked if he could say one last thing about the filmstrip describing President Bush and his administration in vulgar terms.

“I think this one about President Bush, whether you like his values and opinions and morals, he’s still the president of the greatest country in the world and you shouldn’t disrespect him,” he said.

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