Limestone County Deputy Chad Smith was about to issue a routine traffic citation Thursday against an 18-year-old teenager for riding an ATV on the road without a helmet.

That is a misdemeanor offense with a fine of less than $100.

But as he was writing the ticket, the teen behind the wheel of the 4-wheeler opened his billfold and offered him $100 — $100 he would give to him if he would tear up the ticket.

That was a big mistake.

The officer then informed the teenager, Michael Wallace Quinn, 18, of 9026 Beechwood Road, Athens, that he was about to face charges of attempting to bribe a public servant.

It was then the teenager apparently became upset and dented the deputy’s patrol car.

That was another big mistake. Deputy Smith then issued him another citation, destruction of state property.

“Both those charges are felonies,” said Limestone County Chief Investigator Stanley McNatt. “The offender was immediately brought to the Sheriff’s Department and jailed.”

Quinn has posted $3,000 bail bond and been released from jail, authorities said Friday.


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