Sun Drop

Buffalo Rock-Pepsi promises that SunDrop will return to shelves ‘soon.’

Many in Limestone County may have noticed that their favorite beverage has become increasingly difficult to find. The absence of SunDrop on store shelves has created quite the buzz and people asking, “Where has all the SunDrop gone?”

Buffalo Rock-Pepsi Birmingham’s Corporate Communications Coordinator Cat Keller confirmed Tuesday that they have recently acquired SunDrop Madison, which is the area’s distributor.

“Over the last week, all product previously distributed by SunDrop Madison was taken out of stores. However, do not worry; it will soon be replaced by Buffalo Rock bottled SunDrop,” Keller said.

At the Jefferson Street Hometown Grocery Tuesday afternoon, only a pallet of 2-liter SunDrop could be found ,while the shelves were empty. “People come everyday, and they call us.

They are upset because they can’t get SunDrops,” Hometown front-end manager Elaine Brady said. Brady said that Pepsi has not given a time frame as to how long the wait might be.

For those who need a SunDrop and are willing, the SunDrop Bottling Co. in Pulaski’s distribution has not been affected by Pepsi’s acquisition of the Madison bottler. Areas in Southern Tennessee, including Pulaski and Ardmore, have the normal inventory on shelves and were seemingly unaware of any supply issues in Limestone County.

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