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There’s a scene in the movie “Romancing the Stone,” which has eternal value. Danny DeVito’s partners are escaping by ship, leaving him on the shore. He calls out, “When are you coming back to get me?” “Sooooon,” they call out across the water. “How soon?” he desperately cries. “Very soon!”

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The GOP Primary is less than two weeks away on May 24. It has been an interesting and expensive race to fill the seat of our venerable and powerful senior Senator Richard Shelby.

In today’s newspaper you’ll find our Primary Election voter guide to local races, in addition to other stories in the paper outlining the May 24 vote.

Progressives claim no judge should have the power to tell them they can or cannot have an abortion. They do not want to admit it, but they are agreeing with Justice Samuel Alito’s point in the leaked Supreme Court draft opinion of Dobbs vs. Jackson Women’s Health. The Court should never have…

Development is booming in North Alabama — you don’t need us to tell you that. Orange cones, “work ahead” signs and flaggers sporting orange vests have filled our roads, highways and byways, especially since the onset of warmer weather.

During National Travel and Tourism Week, May 1-7, it’s important to celebrate the spirit of travel — memories made with family and friends, the planned and spontaneous adventures away from home, and hospitality and friendly faces welcoming you to your temporary home away from home.

If you ever read the novel or saw the movie “Lord of the Flies” you’d be right to conclude that people left without a “veneer of civilization” are mean-spirited, cruel and even hateful unto murder. In that story, a group of English school boys find themselves stranded on an island. After a s…

I don’t know if this column will ever be published. Or, better put, if I’ll have the nerve to publish it.

Every day there is a new dawn. My eyes open to reveal a world without my loved one. It’s not simply that he is missed or is gone. My entire world has been altered and shifted. It’s out of my control.

Ah, spring! The season of promise. The promise that the cold is gone, the sun is warm and all things green will start to emerge from their winter slumber. It also marks the beginning of some serious yard work.

It can be hard to work through the pain, but that’s what team members of Relay For Life of Limestone County are doing now. And they’re asking us to do the same.

For many people and pets, spring (aka “allergy season”) is a time of excessive sneezing, itching, and scratching. For some pets, however, their allergy season is never ending, lasting into summer, fall and winter.

As we approach the season’s three-week mark, an early picture is beginning to emerge of who might be set to contend this year. While it’s much too soon to offer any kind of definitive power ranking, here’s a rundown of five teams who have come flying out of the gate.

May is Mental Health Awareness Month. As a volunteer and advocate with the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention, this month I am asking everyone to join us and demand #MoreForMentalHealth.

Tucker Carlson’s foray is only the latest (and possibly most amusing) example of the right wing’s masculinity obsession. The manliness theme keeps reappearing. Trump’s strutting tough talk was imbibed greedily by fans eager for affirmation of the manly virtues.

If there were a synonym for the words, Limestone County, it would surely be this: resilience.

My flights these days are often sad. I sit on tree limbs and watch televisions through windows with my other bird friends. We see decayed, murdered civilians, their hands tied behind their backs, laying on streets in Bucha, a town in Ukraine. Close-range gunshots have blasted heads open. A R…

Today, I was overwhelmed by a feeling of gratitude. This isn’t a given for me, at this point in my life. Sometimes I feel the opposite of gratitude; for that I am sorry.

It didn’t matter the number of columns saved into my hard drive this week, because none of them evoked any creativity from me. There is one thing on my mind and only one — grief.


There is a perceived animosity between Athens City Schools athletics and Limestone County Schools athletics that is more imagined than it is reality.

I really am flummoxed by the ineptitude of President Joe Biden and his chief of staff, Ron Klain. Biden has been a Washington politician for half a century, including eight years as vice president and before that a senior senator. Klain is a consummate Washington insider, having worked for J…

There is honor, of a sordid sort, in the Biden administration’s showing more gratitude to a major donor than concern for the needs of millions of children, disproportionately minorities. The administration prefers the donor, a government-employees union, over the children, even though this t…

If you happen to arrive at your favorite state office on Monday only to find it closed, here’s why: a little-known holiday, Confederate Memorial Day, is commemorated in Alabama on the fourth Monday in April. This year, that date is April 25. The holiday is often observed in late April to mar…

The Athens-Limestone Recycling Center closed to the public for the last time on April 15, leaving residents of Limestone County with no place to recycle our steel, aluminum, cardboard, paper and some plastics.

It’s National Volunteer Week, a time to recognize the billions of hours that Americans selflessly give every year in service to others. Because most volunteers work quietly and out of the spotlight, it’s a time to fully appreciate everything they do to keep society running and functional.

Many of you have asked the question, “Have you ever seen anyone simply run a media only campaign and avoid campaigning like Mike Durant has done in this year’s U.S. Senate campaign.” Surprisingly my answer for many of you is, “Yes, I have.”

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We can never get enough “funny” in our lives. Take, for instance, a family I flew over recently who came to a wedding here in our little part of Alabama. I landed in the branches of a nearby pine tree and overheard this story. Mom and dad said they took their 6-year-old son and 10-year-old d…

In a typical year, tax filing day would have been April 15. This year, in so many ways, is atypical. All of us have a short reprieve and temporary reset until Monday, April 18, to file our taxes.

There is probably no easy cure for the Marjorie Taylor Greene phenomenon. She’s a repellent clown whose presence on the national stage has yielded nothing but degradation — except for the guffaw she afforded us when denouncing Nancy Pelosi’s “Gazpacho police.”

Sometime slightly less than 2,000 years ago on a Friday, a carpenter’s son stood silent before the fifth Roman governor of the Roman province of Judea, Pontius Pilate. The local leaders in Jerusalem had plotted to kill the man, named Jesus. The plot sped with unchecked momentum when gossip b…

The legislative session just concluded and coincided with the release of VOICES for Alabama’s Children’s annual data book. The VOICES report indicated we have many more issues ahead that need attention. The research results provided by VOICES are not good. (But keep reading, help is on the way.)

During my weekly flutters around town, I occasionally light upon a windowsill to listen in on conversations. A recent gathering of wise people developed a notion about our modern social media age. Now, the idea was not new. In fact, it had been kicking around for years. It was a nautical sto…

My first recollection of fishing was with my dad. The first thing we did was start the night before. Prior to supper, Daddy took the garden hose in the backyard and literally saturated the patch of the lawn where the grass didn’t grow well.

In a tournament that romanticizes Cinderella teams to the magnitude in which they are forever engraved in college basketball lore for all eternity, the journey of Cinderella going to the Big Dance is one that always ends with their championship dreams being turned to cinders at the hands of …

On many a night, I take long, silent flights through our inky sky. Once, I chanced to overhear two friends driving along, catching up after a long separation as they pursued their separate careers. One abruptly changed the tenor of their light reminiscences when he said, “I could have been w…

In his speech declaring war on Ukraine, the (not so great) dictator of Russia, Vladimir Putin, said the goal of his “special operation” was the demilitarization and de-Nazification of Ukraine and ridding it of drug addicts. The goal of demilitarization made sense, at least from Putin’s persp…

Kipp Irland, a member of the Limestone County Master Gardeners, can be reached at Visit for more information on the Limestone County Master Gardeners.

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