Trey Holladay

Athens City Schools Superintendent Dr. Trey Holladay

On behalf of the Athens City School Board, it is my pleasure to welcome students, families and teachers to the 2019-2020 school year.

Athens City Schools is tradition-rich and future-focused in preparing students for success in college, career and life. Our dedicated leaders, teachers and staff promote a culture of innovation, collaboration and partnership characterized by a growth mindset. And growth is what this year is all about.

We are growing our footprint. Athens High School students will enjoy their first full year on the new campus. While we celebrate the completion of the high school, we are already looking forward.

Work is underway for the new Athens Elementary campus downtown. Athens Renaissance School is expanding again this year with ARS middle school students moving to a new location on the Clinton Street campus. We have expanded our First Class Pre-K Program with a new preschool class opening at HEART Academy at Julian Newman this fall.

We are growing our opportunities. This year also includes an exciting new identity for the new auditorium at AHS. The 760-seat auditorium, officially known as the Athens Performing Arts Center, will host a variety of school events while also serving as the home of the Athena Performing Arts Series. The Athena Performing Arts Series is a local initiative formed in partnership with the Athens City Schools Foundation to expand educational opportunities and broaden access to the performing arts.

In this first year of operation, the Athens Performing Arts Center expects to host music concerts, a musical production and a children’s production. We are proud to be a partner in the development and expansion of the performing arts in our community.

We are growing our leadership role. Our school system is honored to host The School Superintendents Association (AASA) Digital Consortium this year. This group of school leaders from across the country will visit our schools for several days this fall. We are proud our district serves as a model for success in school innovation, creativity and technological integration.

We are growing our mindset. Athens City Schools will spend much of the next year revising the strategic plan for the school system. This process began in the spring with the development of a Portrait of a Graduate — a vision that captures the hopes and dreams for our students. This portrait will serve as a North Star in developing and implementing our plan for preparing students for the incredible opportunities and challenges of today and tomorrow. This process will require us, as a community, to step outside of the box as we reimagine what school can be for our students as we grow forward in the era of innovation and change.

Athens City Schools is an exciting place to be where students, parents, teachers, staff and community members work together to achieve excellence in education for every student. We look forward to the year ahead with great anticipation, and we encourage everyone to enjoy the journey as we continue to grow together.

Best wishes for a productive and happy school year to the students, families and employees of Athens City Schools.

— Holladay is the superintendent of Athens County Schools. He can be reached at

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