I have been a resident Alabamian since late February. As I have mentioned before, I have moved around a lot having lived in eight states so far in my 27 years on this earth. While I had my dream job as a sports reporter in Big Sky country out in Montana, I was not enjoying my life outside of work. I’ll never have everything I want or get to do everything I wish to do — none of us have that luxury — but so far here in northern Alabama, I can say without a doubt I’m having a blast both professionally and personally. I’m happy.

In my 10 months out in Montana, there really wasn’t a day where I didn’t miss my family and my friends back in Michigan. I’m still sort of in the same boat here. Journalism is a stressful job, and it’s not one where you expect to make a whole lot of money. You get into this business for the love of it despite the stress of daily deadlines, relatively low pay and the overall toll it can take on you.

While I have way more work here, I’m not overwhelmed. I have my editor, my coworkers and the community to thank for that.

I've already had some great new experiences here. I was even interviewed by Tailgate Talk when I first got here, which is still so cool to me. I have been to so many games, written a lot of stories, taken so many photos and met so many wonderful individuals who are helpful, friendly and just overall good people.

I’m not going to make everyone happy, I know that. I’m one person, I can’t attend every game or cover everything that’s important to many members of our community even though I wish I could. If I could be in two places at once I would. I don’t have much of a life outside of work, but the personal side has coincided with my professional side. I’m not in this business to make friends and be all buddy, buddy with my sources. I’m not one to break ethics or do anything that puts me or my company in a bad light. But I’m happy to say I have made friends and I have made some great connections through work that I believe can and will last a lifetime. Of course, I’m going to remain unbiased on the sideline and in my stories when I cover what happens, but I’m rooting for all of you guys to do well. It’s more fun that way not just for you all, but for me as well.

There’s also been an emotional attachment factor too. I don’t know everyone, I won’t meet everyone, but I have become emotionally attached to these teams and the players. Am I supposed to? Maybe not, but I can’t help it. When I see teammates hug and high five each other, coaches getting fired up or a senior crying because that’s their last game they’ll ever play as a high school student-athlete, I get emotional just like you guys.

I want all the teams at the nine schools that I cover to win. Deep down I’m probably one of your biggest fans. I can’t show you that I am, but I can show you is that I’m happy to be an Alabamian, I’m happy to be a sports reporter at the News Courier and I’m happy that this job, in this county, with these people, is changing my life personally and professionally. I'm incredibly grateful.

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