Bryant-Denny Stadium

One of my biggest regrets from my time out in Montana is that I didn’t explore the state. I didn’t really see outside of the city of Sidney and Richland County as much as I would have liked other than my few trips to Billings for state tournaments. It’s a beautiful state with several national parks and an absolutely gorgeous sky. Because I was always busy, I never really had time to see everything that the fourth-largest state had to offer. Once I finally did have time when the pandemic began, almost nothing was open, and I didn’t have the desire to travel anywhere out of fear of COVID-19. But now that I’m fully vaccinated and have a little more time as a sports writer in the summer, I want to take some trips within Alabama.

I have been to 25 states so far in my 27 years of existence. I have lived in eight of them. I definitely have some favorites. I plan to visit every state before I’m old and gray just to be able to say that I have been to all 50 states. I also plan to take some international trips beginning in 2022 and beyond. For someone who travels as much as I do, or at least has the desire to, it’s hard for me to fathom why I haven’t explored other parts of the world yet. Oh, I know why … it’s expensive. But I believe the experience you gain on these trips, here or abroad, is likely worth a lot more than what you pay for them. That’s my hope, anyway.

I have some ideas in mind about where I want to visit inside this great state of Alabama. I took my first trip outside of Limestone and Morgan County over the weekend on a daylong trip to Tuscaloosa, and I had a blast. I walked the campus of the University of Alabama, walked around Bryant-Denny Stadium, took a selfie with the Nick Saban statue and drove through the city. I really enjoyed myself, and I'm glad I decided on a whim to take the trip. As a die-hard sports fan, Auburn will likely be a trip I take in the near future.

I have been to Huntsville, Oxford, Athens (work here) and Morgan County (live there), but I need some suggestions from our readers: What cities in the state should I visit, and if I’m able to visit that particular city, what are the things I should do there?

I should have started this at the beginning of the summer, but each trip I'm fortunate enough to go on, I’ll do a write-up on and detail my experiences. Maybe in another life, I'll be a travel blogger, travel the world, detail my experiences and somehow make money.

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