All right,guys—or gals—primary election is over, remove those campaign signs from our rights of way already.

It’s like this every election, and maybe not even a week after the primary it’s too soon to start complaining, but a few of you candidates have not gotten around to getting all your signs down.

Perhaps one of the greatest of political travesties—speaking in terms of campaign signs—is when workers festoon tree branches with these placards. If it’s a way to save money on signposts, or showing the candidate is “into nature,” the effect is all wrong.

Those are some of the last to come down. They are especially prevalent along the interstates, fluttering in the wind, fading and tearing up long after the candidate has either gone down in a blaze or been sworn in to office.

Also, have you noticed that particular configuration of signs—and I’m thinking of one such near Belle Mina—where three or four identical signs are stuck in the ground a couple of yards apart?

I guess the sign-placers are trying to achieve the old Burma Shave advertisement effect. But in that case, the signs carried a progressive message. This time, it appears that the campaign worker had a bunch of signs to use up before he could call it a day and didn’t feel like hopping out of the car again, so he or she just stuck the remaining inventory in the ground.

Candidates spend a lot of money each election year having these materials designed and printed. The idea is to plaster as many around the country as possible to increase name recognition.

Candidates should be reminded that they want their names associated with good government and not with cluttering roadsides. So today, after church and a nice lunch, hit the campaign trail again, dear candidate or ex-candidate.

Gather up all these signs, pile them on a vacant lot, get a burn permit, throw in a few charcoal briquettes and invite your supporters over for a weenie roast.

Mustard and ketchup leave a nicer taste in the mouth than roadside litter bearing your name.

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