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Light Up Friday Nights

Dear Editor:

Seven months later, and here we are. When the pandemic began, I don't think any one of us would have thought we would still be fighting this cruel virus once fall rolled around. But Octobers has begun, and our health care employees are still at it, caring for those with COVID, while continuing to provide healing for those with broken bones and heart attacks.

I am constantly amazed at their dedication and compassion. The virus has brought all types of challenges, yet our staff has risen to the occasion — working long hours, taking on new tasks, and quietly comforting patients experiencing an unknown disease.

Too often, we take these men and women for granted. And, during this unprecedented time, it's made me wonder what our community would be like without them. What if, back in March when this all began, our health care employees threw up their hands and said, “This is too much?” What if they had begun looking for other jobs? The good news is they didn't. In fact, the difficulties they faced only seemed to make them more determined. They've remained laser focused on protecting us from COVID-19 while keeping critical services going for those who need other types of care.

During the month of October, we want to honor these heroes with a Light Up Friday Nights Campaign. You can show your support by turning on your porch light each Friday night in October to say, “thank you” to our local health care heroes. Let's light up our community and the paths that lead our heroes home.


Tracie Collins


Athens-Limestone Hospital

Without change, nothing changes

Dear Editor:

Have any of you watched the County Commission meetings online? Any from say the past 4 years? We in District 4 need progress. We need to, per se, catch up with the rest of the county. We need someone who will vote for new companies wanting to come to our area and bring good jobs with good pay and benefits. We need someone who will be able to get along with the other commissioners from the other districts. We need someone who will work with the residents of District 4 and listen to their issues and help solve these issues. We need someone who is involved with our schools, with our community, and our county. We need someone who is worried first and foremost about what is going on in District 4 and Limestone County. Not someone who is in Montgomery three days a week. We need someone that doesn’t waste taxpayers money on “experiments” that end up costing twice as much as if they just did the job. We need someone that caters to everyone, not just a certain few.

We need all of the above but we also need someone that is going to use the money wisely and fix the problems with the roads. Our ditches need cleaning, our tree limbs need trimming, and our roads need lots of maintenance.

Before you just mark straight ticket or before you vote, please please think about what is best for District 4 in all aspects. Without change, nothing changes.


Shalimar Hutchinson


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