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On mowing and littering

Dear Editor:

I would like to congratulate the city of Athens for winning. The city has won what I call the litter award by ensuring litter thrown on the sides of our highways stays there forever.

At a recent council meeting, a councilman expressed his opinion against the littering that happens all over our city and county. No one like to see litter, but some would rather trash Mother Earth than the floor of their car. I can't think of anyone that likes to see litter on the side of the road, especially litter that has been freshly mown.

Last week, driving down U.S. 31, the smell of newly mown grass in the median was prevalent, as was the overabundance of freshly mown litter. The sight was against all the things that have been said by our city and county leaders.

This kind of disregard for the environment goes to show words are cheap and actions take money. Caring about reducing litter is not about chopping litter up with a mower, but should be about scheduling people to pickup the trash before mowing.

As I said five years ago on this subject, "It is easier to pick up a piece of trash when it is a whole 'cup' and not chopped into very smaller pieces."

I have heard all sorts of excuses. If you gentleman are serious about litter, you will spend some money and hire a litter patrol officer at a rate of pay that would keep him/her on the job and battle this scar on our landscape.

How many more summers are we going to go through defacing our homes, waters and fields with bush hogged litter just because we can't schedule litter pickup? Surely the city has a schedule for mowing, so put the litter team in the loop and pickup the trash before mowing.

Madison and Huntsville pick up before mowing, and we are just as good or better than these cities. Let's show them and our citizens that we really care.


Kelly Range


Upset by treatment of sick children

Dear Editor:

Being a conservative, being a Republican or supporting Donald Trump does not mean that one must tolerate every act undertaken in their names.

Requiring parents to take children away from critical medical care and deporting them, some of them to certain death, surely must exceed the tolerance of all but the most callous among us. That is just what the Trump administration has done.
The United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) issued letters to the parents of children being treated for dreadful diseases, ordering them out of the country within 33 days. There was no advanced notice, and no indication that an appeal is possible.

The agency also has been denying all new requests for deferred action for medical reasons, now saying ICE will handle them. ICE says it knows nothing about such an arrangement, and has no plans to grant such deferrals.
Please contact your legislators, now. Surely this is the occasion when we, the people, will say that if they fail to use their voices, their positions, and their votes to oppose this atrocity then we will use ours to oppose their re-election.

This is not a partisan issue. No political party, indeed no person, should tolerate cruelty for the sake of cruelty.


Ken Hines,


Limestone County Democrats

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