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We knew an ice storm and winter weather were in the forecast. Meteorologists said it would happen and we should expect it.

We also know in the South that these scenarios can be hard to predict. Yet, behind the scenes, many were working to prepare and studying weather reports days before the frigid temperatures and freezing rain set in.

What we didn't expect was the storm to last almost a week as it shut down schools and businesses, brought traffic in many areas of the county to a standstill and disrupted the power grid, leaving thousands without the electricity needed to keep them warm.

Today, as we all continue to thaw out from the week's wrath, we want to say, "Thank you."

Thank you to those working around the clock to help keep all Limestone Countians safe. Thank you to those who tuned in to the weather radios, news alerts and travel advisories. Thank you to those who helped open warming centers, restore power and provide food or shelter.

Thank you to the local emergency management, county and city officials, road workers and law enforcement. Thank you to the tow truck drivers, firefighters, utility workers, paramedics, hospital workers, school personnel and more.

Thank you to those who braved the elements to get to work and make sure others could get needed supplies and production in our county didn't come to a standstill. Thank you to those who continue to work through this weekend as we get back on our feet and ready for a brighter week.

Last week was not easy. Many of us were already at our wit's end with being isolated and forced to avoid our usual routines by circumstances out of our control, and we all continue to look forward to being able to shop, gather and enjoy life safely.

There were those who found themselves surprised by how terrible the storm really was and unprepared for its effects. In an ideal world, everyone would have the means to keep food stockpiled, extra blankets and clean clothes available and alternative heat or light sources handy.

Unfortunately, we don't live in an ideal world, and we are reminded most of this in times like these.

However, thanks to everyone working together over the past week, everyone who extended a helping hand or answered the call of duty, we made it through this storm.

There are more than 100,000 of you in this county, and we couldn't have pulled through as well as we did without you.

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