By Justin Graves

ELKMONT – Last year Elkmont had a breakout season under first year coach Chad MaGehee. The Red Devils were able to turn the corner and become a successful program behind a solid junior and senior class.

One of the Elkmont players who was a big contributor to the Red Devils’ success was tight end Tim Woolridge. This year he is expected to play an even bigger role as a senior while Elkmont attempts to build off last years success. The senior tight end has been selected as the No.five player on The News Courier’s list of Limestone Super Seniors.

Other football coaches in Elkmont’s region have said the tight ends abilities are unlimited, and MacGehee knows he is going to need him to play just as big a role this season as he did last year.

“We are going to need senior leadership this year,” MacGehee said. “Last year we had a great group of seniors who were great leaders. That’s what we are going to need out of Tim (Woolridge) and the rest of our seniors.”

With Elkmont only having nine seniors and one junior, Woolridge knows he is going to need to play a larger role as a leader.

“We’ve worked during the offseason to get stronger,” Woolridge said. “We lost a lot of seniors last year, and are going to have a lot of younger guys playing big roles this year. That’s why us seniors are going to have to step up and show more leadership than we have in the past. That’s going to be real important this year.”

With Woolridge’s big frame, his role as a blocker is very important to the Red Devils’ running game, but his game isn’t limited to just that. The senior is also a threat in Elkmont’s passing game.

“Our offense is built primarily around the run, but when we do throw the ball I try to do my part to make the play,” Woolridge said.

Woolridge’s responsobilites in Elkmont’s success aren’t limited to the offensive side of the ball, he also plays an important role as a defensive end for the Red Devils. With Elkmont playing in an extremely tough Class 3A Region 8, MacGehee said his role on the defensive line will be important.

“Our team isn’t built around a bunch of speedsters,” Woolridge said. “We are going to have to play physical football to win games. That’s the kind of football I like to play.”

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