It has become a weekly habit of mine. I will look on the ESPN app on my phone each day and see what the college football schedule is for the weekend.

Normally, I would only need to look at the schedule once because it's not supposed to change. This year, however, it has become an almost everyday occurrence, because you never know when a game is going to be canceled because of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

Every week, between 10 and 15 games get canceled, which has the potential to make the 2020 season into something of a farce.

The latest big-name school to have to cancel games is Ohio State. The Buckeyes play in a conference that demonstrates the farcical nature of the season. The Big Ten Conference decided initially to cancel its fall season. Then, when it saw other conferences, such as the SEC, ACC and Big 12, decide to carry on, it suddenly reversed course and decided, 'You know what? We can play after all.”

It was a ludicrous reversal, based on nothing more than television dollars and push back from coaches and players who wondered why other conferences could play but not them.

The Big Ten decided so late in the game to play a season that it could only squeeze eight weeks of games in. There is no open week for teams in case games have to be postponed due to the coronavirus, so, unlike the SEC, ACC or Big 12, there is no chance to make up any canceled games. Which brings us back to Ohio State.

The Buckeyes have already had to cancel two games this season, one earlier this year at Maryland and last week against Illinois. This puts them at six games. They aren't eligible for the Big Ten championship game if they play less than six games. If either one of their last two games are canceled, they can't play for the Big Ten title.

However, this wouldn't prevent them from being selected for the College Football Playoff. There is no minimum game requirement. Theoretically, the Buckeyes could have their final two games canceled, play only a four-game season, and still be selected for the college football playoff as one of the top four teams.

How much of a joke would that be? The SEC office is working like crazy to try and make sure every one of its teams plays a full 10-game schedule, while the Big 12 and ACC teams are playing an 11-game schedule. Even if one or two of those games get canceled in the coming weeks, they will have played a minimum of nine games.

It is ridiculous that a team that has played less than half the games of others could be selected ahead of them for a playoff spot.

Hopefully, the playoff selection committee will realize this and not select Ohio State, or any other team, that has played such a few number of games.

I really think you shouldn't be eligible for the College Football Playoff if you have played fewer than seven games, but that would most likely eliminate every conference except the SEC, ACC and Big 12.

The best solution to this season would be to give one of the minor conference teams a chance. Cincinnati has rolled through the season and thoroughly deserves to be picked for the College Football Playoff ahead of some major conference team that has played just six games.

The Bearcats have rolled to victory in their first eight games, and have one more regular-season game plus the American Athletic Conference championship game to play.

Should they win both of them, I hope the selection committee gives them a chance to play against the big boys. They would most likely face Alabama in the semifinal, so we would see just how good they are.

A season like no other is winding to a close, and I hope these last few weeks done make the 2020 season out to be a season we look back on in the coming years with a huge asterisk.

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