Lindsay Lane Christian Academy

Lindsay Lane Christian Academy's newly installed lights overlook the baseball, softball and football fields throughout the LLCA's campus.

Lindsay Lane Christian Academy continues to grow. When LLCA’s head of school Steve Murr was hired in 2013, there were 319 students. Today, LLCA has 621 students enrolled for the 2021-2022 school year, which is a record enrollment for the school, according to Murr. With student growth comes expansion, and as of last Friday, that meant turning on the recently installed LED lights surrounding the athletic facilities on campus.

“Friday night was the first time we turned them on,” Murr said. “We invited everybody out, and we had a pretty good crowd just to see the lights go on for the first time.”

In order to be able to field a football team next season and declare for varsity, lights had to be installed, according to Murr.

The lights overlook the baseball, softball and football fields.

LLCA head football coach Jeremy Williams began with a junior high football team back in 2018, and they are now in their second year playing a junior varsity schedule. In the fall of 2022, Lindsay Lane will will begin fielding a varsity football team.

Megan Ellison, athletic director at LLCA, said that the JV team has the most kids playing since the program began. JV currently has a team of 25 players.

“Three years ago when I started, we had 15, and due to injuries, we ended up with 12 that we finished with,” Ellison said.

But with varsity football a little less than one year away and an opportunity to play under the Friday night lights, Ellison is hopeful more kids decide to play.

“I hope so,” she said. “That’s the plan.”

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