Young golfers find success on the course

From left, Tristin Wisener, Nolen Wolfe and Jackson Mitchell, are rising stars on the junior golf tour. The three competed in the Future Masters last month and will participate in the Alabama State Junior Amateur tournament in Tuscaloosa next week.

If you head out to Canebrake Club in Athens to enjoy a day on the links, chances are you'll see a trio of boys either on the driving range, putting green or trying to perfect their game on the course.

They will most likely be there when you arrive and still be there when you finish your round of golf and head back to your car. That's what it takes to be the best, and that's what Tristin Wisener, Nolen Wolfe and Jackson Mitchell want to be.

The three, all rising high school freshmen who compete out of Canebrake Club, recently participated in the prestigious Future Masters tournament in Dothan, with Wisener and Mitchell finishing 22nd out of 108 golfers.

It was a great accomplishment to even make the tournament, as only 1/3 of the applicants to the tournament were selected, Canebrake golf pro Mickey Wolfe said.

“You send in an entry form with everything you've done through the school year and the summer, and basically they make a cut,” he said. “It's a really big deal to make the tournament, and for these three kids to make it in the Future Masters is a huge accomplishment.”

The three said they enjoyed the experience of playing in the tournament.

“It was pretty unbelievable,” Wisener said. “The atmosphere with all the college coaches there was amazing. Every hole, someone is there watching you. If you're a good junior golfer, it's something you want to experience.”

It was also a chance to play against people from around the country and world.

“I played with many people from out of the country who were coming to play this three-day tournament,” Mitchell said. “I got to meet a ton of great people. It was fun to play with them.”

The three will play July 23–25 in the Alabama State Junior Amateur at Indian Hills Country Club in Tuscaloosa. Mickey Wolfe said he is very proud the three boys, who all attend difference schools, are so close on the golf course.

Nolen Wolfe attends Athens High, while Mitchell attends James Clemens High and Wisener is a student at Hartselle High.

“They are all from different schools, but they are the best of friends,” Mickey Wolfe said. “That's what I love so much about golf. You get kids from every area, but they have one thing in common: they love golf. We're excited for them all.”

Nolen Wolfe said the three practice six to seven hours per day in the summertime and three to four hours per day during the school year.

“We come here every day after school and practice,” he said. “Playing in these tournament makes all the practice worth it.”

Mickey Wolfe said the hard work has definitely paid off for the trio.

“That's the great thing about golf. If you've been working on your game, it shows, and if you haven't been working on your game, it shows,” he said. “This is their spot for sure. They've all done fantastic this year, and we're very proud of them.”