Walker Porter

Walker Porter is making a name for himself in flat track racing for motorcycles, winning race events in multiple states from a young age. He is supported by his stepfather, Mack McCormack, and his grandfather, Tom Schuman, who have racing backgrounds. 

Limestone resident Walker Porter is blazing his own trail on the tracks.

The flat track motorcycle racer is 12-years old but always raising eyebrows nationwide.

He won multiple races in 2021 alone, including winning the AMA National Title in Du Quoin, Ill., in 65cc.

Additionally, he won multiple titles in the 85cc class and came in third in his first ever 250cc amateur race in Springfield, Ill. He also won a four-day series in Daytona, Fla., and also won the “Panhandle Clash” in Pensacola, Fla., for the second year in a row.

This all was in 2021 alone. For someone who has been racing since he was 3-years old, his accomplishments span farther than one year. He was less than 10-years old when he won his first flat track race on a KTM 50. He also used to race motocross.

He rides a 2020 Husqvarna 85cc, a 2021 GasGas 85cc and 2021 YZF 250F.

Along the way, he has made lifelong friends, met people he looks up to and has developed a support system who is always there for him.

“We started out racing go-karts. All three (brothers) won championships in karting for quite a little bit,” step-father Mack McCormack said. “Then, we eventually got into flat track racing with motorcycles. In 2021 we had a very good year.”

He also comes from a big racing family, with grandfather Tom Schuman being a former flat track racer himself.

He has traveled from Florida up to Ohio, Illinois and Pennsylvania.

His favorite place to go to is Ohio, due to the type of tracks that are popular up in the area. The tracks, which host harness horse races as well, are described as “real fine pea gravel,” which allows for faster racing.

“They have it big time up in Ohio. All up in the Midwest it is big,” McCormack said.

Walker said what he enjoys most about the racing is simply being out there with his friends.

“The best thing about Walker and these kids is that they are all best friends off the track,” McCormack said. “But, when it is time to go out on the track, it is all business.”

Walker has also met some racing icons along the way, including meeting professional flat track racers who have taken an interest in Walker to the point where he has trained with them.

“He has several fans out there,” McCormack said.

All the kids also get nicknames, such as “Jack the Ripper,” but Walker’s nickname comes from his southern roots: “The Alabama Slammer.”

He even has his own brand with the “WP10” logo and the “Alabama Slammer” nickname. McCormack frequently wears his “Walker Porter racing” shirt.

“This one has done a phenomenal job racing. I have been around racing all my life and I have been in Athens all my life,” McCormack said. “People around town know I have been involved with racing, but now they know more about the boys than anything else.”

Additionally, off the track, Walker likes to golf and likes to participate in cross-country. He races with his legs along with his wheels.

Today, Walker has what McCormack has called one of the biggest races Walker has. The race is in Callahan, Fla., and has 450 pre-entries. Last year, Walker finished second in the race.

Next Saturday, Jan. 15, Walker races in Priceville at the Celebration Arena.

Updates on those races will be provided.

Walker attends Athens Middle School as a seventh-grader.

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